12 Gorgeous Gifts the Bride-to-be will Actually Use!

Do you have a special bride-to-be in your life? Whether she said yes, or popped the question herself, we’ve rounded up some pre-wedding pampers that are sure to add an extra shine to her day. From epic pampers to tools to help her plan the wedding of her dreams, we’ve rounded up 12 amazing gifts from the Bride Tribe collection that are sure to go down a treat!

Personalised Denim Jackets

It's a gift that will last a lifetime- and boy does it look great. We’ve a few designs to choose from, although we adore our wife of the party custom print if you’re looking for an insider tip. Encrusted in pearls for a little added decadence, she’ll look fantastic no matter where life takes her- and denim is a great offset to the hot Aussie sun, too!

A Luscious Long Robe

Bring a touch of old-school Hollywood to your bride-to-be’s life. From billowing white lace fit for a dream (or her dream boat) to slinky satin, she’ll feel like a bombshell. Perfect for the morning of the big day as the bridal party gets ready, it will be endlessly useful as she sets sail into the sun of her married life, too.

Cute Cami Set

Whether this special treat gets popped in the suitcase for the honeymoon, or used immediately, it’s fun, flirty, and practical- all in one neat little package! Perfect for hot summer nights- or snuggling under the covers when it’s cold- it’s so cute it’s to die for!

The Fluffiest Slippers in the World

Who doesn’t love a pair of fluffy slippers after a hard day? Whether you add them to a pre-wedding spa day, or she slips them on after dancing into the sunset with her partner, this blissful pair will soon become her go-to snuggly companions after a long day on her feet!

Venus’ Trinket Tray

Shaped like the iconic clamshell most associated with Venus, Goddess of Love, any pre-wedding goddess would want one of her own. It is perfect to hold a special heirloom on the wedding day, or simply brighten up her dressing table. She’ll smile every time she sees it- and remember the good friend who gave it to her.

Sunglasses from the Heart

In the bright Australian sunlight, every sensible girl needs a protective pair of sunglasses. Add a little whimsy and fun to her sunglass collection with these unique, heart-shaped lenses, and make sure she’s all set to enjoy her honeymoon- and the rest of her life- in style. These unique sunglasses make a great gift for a pre-wedding girl’s night out, too! 

The Big Bold Wedding Planner

This would make an exceptional gift from a friend too far away to join in the actual wedding planning, letting your bride-to-be know you’re thinking of her and wish you could be nearer. In a sturdy hardcover, it’s packed with tips, tricks, and helpful info for planning the big day, and makes an incredible keepsake she’ll love forever

Personalised Ring Box

No matter how much we love being a Mrs, we can’t wear our rings all the time! Your bride-to-be could use this beautiful ring box on the big day if she chooses, and it will keep that precious symbol of their love safe from harm whenever it can’t be on her finger. With an added personal flourish, it’s a special way to show you care.

Adorable Heart Shaped Earrings

Give the sweetest little gift for a wedding (or even engagement) photo shoot, or grab them for all the girls and upload some totally adorbs selfies to the wedding Insta account. Subtle, adorable, and packed with whimsy, they’re also made with surgical-grade stainless steel, so everyone can enjoy them allergy-free.

Clutch Your Love Close

Loving the Silver Screen vibes from earlier? Amplify it with a limited-edition, pearl-encrusted clutch bag that will go anywhere. From the hottest pre-wedding party, to the most elegant reception, this little bag will go everywhere with her- and she’ll think of you every time.

Double Deluxe Garter Set

Tossing the garter is a cornerstone of the traditional wedding ceremony. This thoughtful little set offers a rhinestone-encrusted keepsake garter she can treasure forever, with a garter to toss (complete with dainty little daisy detail). Perfect if you can’t actually attend the ceremony, but still want to be a memorable part of the celebration, this is a lovely gift for any bride-to-be.

The Whole Set

This is an exceptional gift for a special couple who will be writing their own vows. Dainty His and Hers vow books let them make their statement in style. We’ve included an extra-special note set that lets the bride and groom say something from the heart on the morning of the wedding, too. Finish the little bundle of love with our clamshell trinket tray, so those ooey-gooey vibes can last a lifetime.

We’re sure you’ve spotted the perfect gift for your extra-special bride-to-be already, but in case you’re still torn, don’t forget our $50 and $100 Mystery box options are also open to you! Packed with goodies of up to three times the value of the box, it will send a special selection of useful treats to her door to enjoy!

Bride Tribe is always on hand to help you create the wedding experience of a lifetime, as special as the bride’s love for her special someone, so don’t be shy to reach out to us today if you have any queries or questions!