10 Things Every Bride Needs to Know

It’s the biggest day of your life, not mention one of the most expensive, so it pays to do your research and get all the finer details right.  From a wet weather plan to making the most of your budget, this list will have you wedding-ready in no time.


    Before you do anything, sit down with your partner, and each makes a list of the top 5 things that are important to you. This will make sure the special day includes elements that are important to each of you.

    2. BUDGET

      All you need to marry your soulmate is a legal officiant, everything else is an added extra.  In 2019 the average cost of a wedding in Australia is around $50000, to make the most of your budget look at ways to cut costs without sacrificing your dream wedding.  Changing your season, using in-season flowers, and using your cake as dessert can save you thousands.

      3. BACK UP PLAN

      Dreaming of an outdoor wedding.  Double-check with your venue if they have an alternative location for your ceremony or wet weather plan.

      4. MAKE A LIST

      The last thing you will want on the morning of your big day is your vendors ringing you to finalise any last-minute details.  Provide them with an alternative number for someone you completely trust.


      Prior to your big day, sit down and write out a list of must-have photos, this includes any family photos you may want, photos of you and your girls getting ready in your robes and the all-important Bride Tribe Huddle


      Your big day needs to run like clockwork, so you will definitely need a plan. Sit down a write yourself a timeline that includes from the time your day starts, till the last dance. Provide your Maid of Honour, MC, venue and photographer with a copy.


      Chances are you will want to keep your original bouquet. Ask your florist to create a second bouquet for the toss.

      8. BE PREPARED

      Create an emergency “ Wedding Kit” and include everything from Panadol, needle and thread, safety pins, deodorant, and bandaids.

      9. NIBBLES

      The last thing you want is your tummy grumbling or fainting at the alter because you forgot to eat. Pre-arrange for some healthy nibbles such as wraps, a fruit platter or champagne breakfast on the morning of your big day.


      After months and sometimes years of planning, your big day finally arrives. Make sure that you and your loved one take some time out, even if it’s 10 minutes to sneak off and have some alone time to soak in and celebrate your new marriage.