How to Save Money on Your Wedding

We know how you feel…. As soon as you mention the word “Wedding” to a potential vendor, up go the prices.  Well, not exactly true, the truth is a wedding requires so much more attention to detail, that means more time, employees to make sure your day is 100% perfect.

The average cost of a wedding in 2018 was approx $37000, according to Money Smart Australia. Crazy huh, who has that sort of money laying around! Some couples are happy to spend much more than this, and that’s ok, everyone has a different vision and dream of one of the biggest days of their life.

For lots of Australia couples that $37,000 is just out of reach, or they would rather use that sort of money towards other things – house deposit, trip of a lifetime etc. 

We know how hard it is to stay within a budget, but a tight budget does not mean you have to scrimp or forgo the wedding of your dreams.

Here are our top 10 insider secrets that will literally save you thousands!


Saving - $5000

Generally, peak wedding season in Australia is from September to April. Switching your date to the shoulder season August or May where the weather is still warm and there is plenty of sunshine will literally save you thousands.


Saving - $3000

Typically a couple will marry on a Saturday or Sunday. Just by changing your day to Friday or Monday will save you a ton of money, and your guests get a long weekend! Change your wedding to mid-week and you will save you even more.


Saving - $800

Let’s take a minute to think about this…. Think about all the weddings you have attended, where are those wedding favours now???  Stashed away in a drawer somewhere?  I promise no one will even notice on the day. If feel you really need to do wedding favours, go for something edible, like a personalised cookie, jam or even a small little heart chocolate beside the place card.


Saving - $1500

So you have your eye on an amazing dress with a designer price tag….. Let’s take a step back, and hold off a few months. Designers and bridal stores usually have an end of season sale, some sales can even save you up to 50% on your dream dress.  

Another option is to go pre-loved, checkout Still White, you can often pick a brand new dress at Designer prices, simply because the bride has changed her mind.


Saving - $800

I know it’s hard to believe but the full set of fancy designer wedding invitations can set you back between $600 - $1000.  A lot of money, yeah but designing and creating quality invites is a lot of work.   If this is not within your budget, think about DIY, I’m not talking about designing the invites yourself, I’m talking about the printing part. Pop over to Etsy where you can find some amazing wedding invitation sets.  Purchase a downloadable set, head over to Officeworks and have them printed on cardstock for about $1 an invite. Some other options Vista Print or Zazzle.


Saving - $2000

Fancy wedding cars, do you really, really need them?  Unless you are planning on using the cars in your photography, maybe you could do without them.  Have a look around at some of your closest family and friends, does anyone have a really nice car? I’m sure they would be honoured if you asked them to escort you on your big day.


Saving - $2500+

Bridesmaid dresses, shoes, hair, makeup, jewellery, gifts, can all put a big dent in your budget.  Invite everyone over drinks, and have that open discussion of about cost, be upfront and ask if your tribe would be happy to contribute to cost.  

Another option for your girls could be, is pick a colour theme and let them purchase their own dress in a style they know they will wear again.   

Shoes will you really see them under the dress? Could they wear a pair they already own.

Jewellery, you could use that as part of your thank you gift.


Saving - $1000

Wedding Flowers are expensive, although tropical orchids may look stunning, so is the price.  If you have decided on your wedding theme colour you can reduce your costs by choosing local grown and seasonal flowers.

Insider secret tip, in every state there is a major flower market. This is where all florists source their own flowers from. Flower markets are generally open to the public. With a bit of YouTube, Pinterest and DIY have a go at making your own bouquets.


Saving - $1500

Truthful no one really notices chair covers and sashes.  Sometimes it’s to nice to let your venue speak for itself.  An inexpensive but tasteful decoration is a mason jars with a simple tea light candle or baby’s breath.  

Insider secret tip – follow wedding event planners, they often have big end of season sales, clearing out old or used stock.  Search your local market place for preloved wedding decorations.


Saving - $2000

A big part of your budget will go towards food and alcohol. Some venues allow you to bring in your own food and alcohol.  Food savings can be made by using local caterers, food trucks and using locally made produce.  Alcohol savings can be made by purchasing your own alcohol in bulk from your local wholesaler. 

Insider tip – Scrap the 3rd course, and use your wedding cake as dessert.


Regardless of how big or small your budget is, remember the day is all about you marrying the love of your life. All you need is a celebrant to make this legal, everything else is added extra x