Beating the distance and bringing your Bride Tribe together, no matter what

If 2020 taught us one lesson, it’s that people persevere. When we couldn’t meet in person, we raced to digital spaces to make sure we could keep in touch with those we hold dear. Bringing together a Wedding Party- especially if you have many different loved ones to unite who may not have had the opportunity to mingle before- has always been a challenge. What lessons have we learned from the tumultuous last year about how to encourage people to bond, even when we can’t be in the same place at the same time? Let’s dive deep into the art of creating a wedding party that feels natural, wholesome and welcoming for everyone.


Break the ice early

Don’t worry that you’ll be seen as a overly eager if you start planning early! The more time you give everyone, the better your schedules can mesh and the more chance genuine friendships have to develop. Making sure your bridesmaids and groomsmen have a chance to get to know each other will enhance the day for everyone, and no one ever said no to new friends! Get them involved up to a year in advance, and give everyone some time and space for those natural friendships to form- don’t turn into a micromanager. Technology is on your side here,allowing you to bring everyone together as one big happy group who are comfortable with each other.

Sometimes, the hardest part is getting things going. You can consider a ‘wedding party proposal’ to kick-start the fun. Pick out a personalised gift for your special people, and ‘pop the question’ for them to be in your wedding party. It’s a cute way to bond, and will give each member of your tribe something to chat about with each other, too.

Team building your Bride Tribe

Not sure how to break the ice for your wedding party? Why not set them up a fun little ‘getting to know you’ quiz? Nothing brings people together like a chance to have fun in each other’s company. If you’re able to meet up in person, look at scheduling a fun adventure everyone can enjoy. The opportunities are endless, limited only by your creativity. From karaoke night to a wine tasting, from a day at the zoo to a night on a ghost tour, go wild! If the budget’s tight, you can combine this with other celebrations (like the bachelor(ette) parties) but honestly- it’s about having fun in each other’s company, not spending big. If possible, try to organise a few of these events throughout the build-up to the big day, so everyone has a chance to relax and get to know their fellow bridesmaids and groomsmen with no pressure.

Of course, it’s not guaranteed you’ll all be able to meet-up face-to-face every time. If it’s not lockdown restrictions or COVID concerns, it could simply be packed schedules and long distances you need to conquer. Never fear- tech is here to help!

Uniting a wedding party separated by distance

Zoom or Houseparty both offer super-simple ways to have fun together even when you’re miles apart. It doesn’t need to feel like a corporate meetup, either! Karaoke night and wine tasting translate just as well to the digital space, as do tons of other ideas. Hold a board game night, and watch your nerdiest friend take the spotlight. If you’re all proud geeks together, have a full-blown games night! Card games (especially Cards Against Humanity), Among Us, 20 Questions, Trivia Night, Book Club, Pictionary, Charades, even Bingo, can all be used as fantastic digital hangouts to relax and get to know each other better!

Remember, these meetings aren’t strictly about the wedding or the planning! Keep that for a wedding-dedicated email chain, Facebook group or WhatsApp group, and even then throw in some humour and a cute meme every now and again. You’re important to these people, but it’s not all about you. If you seem genuinely interested in your wedding party and their lives, as well as fostering a sense of friendship among you all, it will go miles towards uniting your wedding party into a true Bride Tribe (and you’re guaranteed to skip the dreaded ‘Bridezilla’ title, too).

If you want to become a pro wedding party wrangler, don’t forget to occasionally check in one-on-one with your wedding party members, too. Especially those with anchor jobs like your Matron (or Maid of Honour or Man of Honour) of Honour and Best Man (or Best Woman). You want to make sure everyone remembers the love and friendship that earned them a spot in your Bride Tribe in the first place.

Long-distance bonding with your Bride Tribe

Worried a tech-heavy wedding bonding night won’t feel the same as face-to-face bonding? We understand. Humans are built to rely on a thousand little social cues to feel like one of the tribe, and it can be difficult to replicate the same feeling over Zoom. Luckily the power to unite your party is in your hands!

You can get everyone coordinated and increase the tribe vibes among your wedding party without too much hassle. A matching set of Bride Tribe robes or Pjs could be the perfect way to feel like a team in your virtual catch-ups. Or host your wine tasting evening with personalised glassware that shows their role in the wedding party. You can even have a few bottles delivered to everyone as a personalised gift- or let each person pick a vintage to try.

Don’t let distance defeat your Bride Tribe! Even if time or circumstances won’t let you get together pre-event, let tech help you keep the pre-wedding excitement fresh. With a little thought, you can have everyone feeling comfortable and part of one big happy family long before your Big Day dawns- guaranteeing a wedding that’s packed with positivity and joy from start to finish.