The hottest getting wedding ready outfits for 2022. The Robe-Free Edition!

It’s here- the morning of your wedding! You want to get stylish wedding-ready, but you’re not feeling the classic robe or don’t want to fight with a tie belt. What’s a girl to do? The Bride Tribe team have put together 4 fantastic robe-free looks that will have you feeling like the belle of the ball on the way to the altar, no robes included!

Long sleeve personalised satin sleep shirt

The Sultry Sleepshirt

Do you want something that’s super sleek and comfortable, but has a gorgeous nostalgia-driven look to it? Then try our Long Sleeve Sleepshirt on for size! Made from super-soft, breathable satin, this signature look has all the chic flair of a traditional button-up shirt, but none of the uncomfortable stiffness. Perfectly personalisable for your special squad, you can add your own touch, too. No fuss, no ties, just comfort and convenience.

Why not spend your wedding morning reminiscing about those days when you had to sneak a shirt out of his wardrobe just to cuddle up together after that romantic date night. Maybe it’s memories of cooking breakfast together, or simply snuggling close, but it’s sure to add a nostalgic touch that’s perfect for the occasion.

The Deets:

Colours: White, black, blush, navy and dusky rose

Sizes: Specially made in regular and curvy

Personalisation: Of course! This can be vinyl printed

Cost: from $50

PJ yes way!

Not feeling the sleepshirt vibe? Then why not try these silky-soft short pyjamas on for size? Sleek and chic, they carry that perfect sorority sister glamour without the catty backstabbing of college. Cute enough to make anyone feel confident in a picture, they’re also comfortable and practical and will leave you looking like a wedding goddess! What more could a girl want on her big day?

Because it’s Bride Tribe, you can, of course, personalise your PJs and choose from a range of adorable styles and colours that will delight your heart. For more pjs this way baby!

The Deets:

Colours: White, black, blush, navy and champagne

Sizes: Small through XL

Personalisation: Of course! This can be vinyl printed

Cost: from $42


Long Sleeved Pyjamas

Of course, adorable as our ladies’ PJs are, not everyone is getting married in the warm weather. Or maybe you just prefer long sleeve jammies for their aesthetic- and to make sure no makeup or hair spray gets stuck to your forearms while you’re creating your bridal masterpiece. 

That’s why we’ve taken the glitz and glamour of our PJs and thrown them together with the best of our long-sleeved sleep shirts, too! This crisp, clean aesthetic makes for spectacular posts on the ‘Gram, and feels great on your skin, too. 

If you ever wanted to roll up your sleeves and get to work on the perfect look for your special day, look no further than this stylish alternative to bridal robes. It also makes the perfect gift for your bridesmaids if you're making them a gift box. Explore the full pj party collection here.

The Deets:

Colours: White, black, blush, navy, dusky rose and champagne

Sizes: Small through XL

Personalisation: Of course! This can be vinyl printed

Cost: from $45

Warm up with winter pyjamas

When the weather starts to drop, snuggle into our satiny soft winter pyjama set with long sleeve pants and tops. They're adored for their relaxed comfy-fit, elastic waist, button-down front and contrasting trim in a range of wedding-worthy colours. Every member of your Bride Tribe from your Flower Girls, Bridesmaids and even Mother of the Bride & Groom will sleep in style. 

Naturally, thanks to our personalisation service you can add names, titles, initials. Choose from a range of fonts and colours styles, to your hearts content. White, black, rose gold, gold and silver. Shop all pyjamas here.

The Deets:

Colours: White, blush, navy, dusky rose and champagne

Sizes: Children's Small (Age 3-4 years) through to Adults XXL (16-18)

Personalisation: Of course! This can be vinyl printed heat applied

Cost: from $40


Satin Cami and Short Set

Cute Cami and Singlet Sets

Do you want the perfect warm-weather alternative to bridal robes? Are adorable pics for your socials the perfect teaser for the special event? Then this cami and singlet set is calling your name. With adjustable shoulder straps, it also makes for the perfect look for a mixed bridal party who would appreciate the flexibility of the look. Likewise, the cute little ruffles at the bottom, and the flexible waistband and stretch fabrics allows you to wear them at the waist or hips, making sure everyone in the bridal party feels special. Our bridal cami set would also make for a gorgeous wedding night treat, too.

The Deets:

Colours: White, champagne, blush, and dusky rose

Sizes: S-XL, recommended for size 6-16

Personalisation: Of course! This can be vinyl printed

Cost: from $59.99

And there you have it! If you love the idea of a special treat to bring you all together on your wedding morning, but aren’t that into a more traditional belted robe, there’s plenty of adorable alternatives to enjoy. Soft, stylish, customizable and practical, Bride Tribe is proud to offer a little something for everyone- including any adorable flower girls you have in your wedding party, too.

Remember, our helpful team is always on hand to help you create the wedding experience of your dreams, so if you have any questions at all, feel free to get in touch today.