Bridesmaid Robes for every beautiful body. No ‘one size fits all’ here

Did you know that Bride Tribe has the most extensive range of bridal robes - for every body? No vague ‘one size fits all’ loophole here! We firmly believe that every body has a right to feel beautiful, especially on their wedding day. That’s why we’ve worked with only the best quality suppliers to ensure you can celebrate your day in style with your Tribe, no fuss, no worries, just joyous memories to last a lifetime.


We’ve all fallen into that trap. Some gorgeous garment we can’t resist, ripe with the promise it will fit everyone. Everyone, who is, who isn’t busty, tall, short, curvy, hippy, athletic, plus-sized, petite…. you know the drill! As it turns out, "one size fits all" or "OSFA" fits no one, really, except an imaginary Anna Average who doesn’t look like any of us. While some of us are lucky enough that we can tuck up, let down, lift, pin, or tie our way through the obvious faults, for others it’s just all too hard from the very beginning.

Bride Tribe believes no woman should have to face this challenge just to feel good. That’s why we’re launching our latest range of inclusive sizing, so everyone can feel great on their special day.


But what is inclusive fashion, anyway? In the past, we've seen ‘plus-sized’ fashion amount to very little. If you can find it at all, it’s hardly glamorous, fun, or sexy. Bigger ladies feel trapped in a world of shapeless, baggy clothes in muted colours, banishing their natural beauty from sight.

Nor is the plus-sized woman alone in the fight to find flirty, fun clothing they can actually enjoy wearing. Petite, tall, busty, slim waist and broad hips, slender hips and athletic build, muscular, modest tastes- so many beautiful bodies struggle to find flattering clothes that fit, because they’re not ‘average’.

Who is this ‘average’ size, though? With high fashion sized solely for incredibly tall and slender women, it looks great on the catwalk, in a magazine, or as part of a carefully curated Pinterest board, but few of us fit that idealised body type. It’s far from ‘average’! Inclusive sizing is trying to break these barriers, symbolising the cultural and social evolution of fashion to something everyone can enjoy.

Plus Sized bridesmaid robes


Inclusive sizing is far more than just making sure you include more range in sizes, although that’s always a good start. What fits one body type isn’t guaranteed to work on another just because you make some size allowances. Inclusivity doesn’t mean including a few Size 18 or an XXS and claiming you’re done. Nor does it mean hiding these ‘extra’ sizes away where no one can find them, as the footnote on a page or the corner of the store. 

Inclusive sizing’s philosophy is about making sure everyone gets the same fun shopping experience, the same chance to find flattering, fitted, feel-good fashion, and the same chance to see people just like them modelling the goods so they know what it will really look like on their body.

Can a glamorous, trendy woman see clothing she enjoys that is fashionable, fun, and trendy, and see it on models that look like her regardless of her body type or size? Does she feel part of the fashion world, not a hidden ‘other’? Then you’re seeing inclusive sizing at work!


While we don’t have much sway over your day-to-day shopping, Bride Tribe is here to make sure everyone, no matter the skin you’re in, feels like the special bride and bridesmaid they are. Our already extensive range of bridal robes has now been extended even further, ensuring everyone can find the fit they need effortlessly. 

We didn’t stop there, either! We know everyone likes some freedom to wear their robes their way, so alongside our wide range of sizing choices and exquisite designs, we’ve included plenty of chances for customization too. Inner ties and an outer belt ensure you can fit your bridal robe perfectly to your body, the way you like it best. And our range of styles, coupled with flattering ¾ sleeves that look great and feel even better, ensures you can feel as modest (or sexy) and confident as you deserve, too.

Keen to know more about our brand-new extended ranges? Need some help hunting down the perfect match for your special day? Why not get in touch with the Bride Tribe team today? We’re always here to help!