Activities To Help Ditch Pre Wedding Stress


Ah, weddings. One of those occasions where you can’t help but smile when you think of it. Just the thought of two strangers meeting each other, getting to know one another, and that curiosity becomes fascination, and that fascination turns to love. It’s like the old song from David Pomeranz King and Queen of Hearts. “Coz it’s magic when two people fall in love.” Come to think about it, it really is magic. That feeling of no one else can understand. The look in the eyes of two people loving each other is unlike anything you’ll ever see. And the butterflies you feel in your stomach soon changes to a slow, rhythmic skip in your heartbeat when you see the one you adore. And it’s such an enchanting feeling to know you are being loved by that someone you can’t live without.

I remember my own wedding. The night before the said date, I was almost vomiting because of a mixture of fear and indigestion. It was every girl’s dream, to walk down the aisle as you look towards your man waiting patiently for you at the altar. And the guests all around you are looking at you as if to say how can she  be so beautiful? And your white, over-flowing gown is shining as if you’re the most precious thing in the whole world. That’s the dream. I hate to break this to you but the reality is, weddings are not all glamour and happiness. Along with the excitement is the worry. Along with the thrill, the jitters. And those are all normal. After all, you are making one of the biggest decisions of your life. But how can we at least ease those tensions? Here we are going to look at the different things the bride and groom can do together and individually to lessen those butterflies in the stomach.

1. Hire Someone who will plan for your Wedding

It’s stressful to be the bride or the groom already for you to have all the responsibilities, including the preparations. Wedding planners are there to make sure you get the most awesome wedding of your choice. These are some of the duties of a wedding planner:

  • Gather all the necessary documents (proof of non-marriage, Birth certificate etc) for the weddings for both the bride and the groom
  • Coordinate with the Church as to the date of the wedding to make sure the schedule is free and that they will be accommodated well.
  • Make sure the venue for the reception is available and that at the day of the wedding, everything will flow smoothly and according to the couple’s requests.
  • One of the most important roles of a wedding planner is making sure the suppliers are in line. This includes the caterer for the foods, the gowns (As well as bridal robes) and the tuxedos everyone will wear and such. Having someone to take care of all these is definitely a huge boulder off your back. So all you have to do is sit back and relax and just enjoy the moment.
2. Remember the reasons why you have to go through all this.

 When things become hard to bear because of the stress and the sometimes for being unsure, we tend to forget the most important thing and the sole reason why you have to be stressed of the preparations: love. A wedding day is not just for one day, it's a start of your life together as husband and wife. And that is what makes this all worth it. Yeah it's normal to feel uneasy and to feel close to giving up because of the wedding anxiety, but this is just the beginning of a wonderful and fulfilling life together. That's what's more important than this stress.

3. If you feel like you still have to look different for the wedding, try going to the gym.

You have to be very wary of your appearance, not because you want to make an impression on the guests, but because you want to feel your best on your most special day. You are doing this to not impress people, but to make sure as you walk down the aisle and all eyes are on you, you know in your heart of hearts you are the most beautiful woman in the whole venue. And this doesn't only apply to the bride, grooms can also have a hard time feeling good about themselves. Hitting the gym can boost not only your immune system and natural “happy hormones”, but can and will surely boost your confidence.

 4. Make it a point to coordinate everything you are feeling to your significant other.

The day of your wedding day is the start of your lifetime together as I have previously said. So with this, it is very important to let your partner know how you feel especially as the day of the wedding arrives. After all, communication will be one of the most important factors of your marriage so you guys better start now in making sure you are in line with each other. Set aside a date when you two can be alone together and just talk to each other about your feelings and your stressors if you have any. You guys are not just two people who must create a perfect wedding, but more importantly you are the bride and the groom. You guys are in this together. So for things to start working out as early as now, make sure the communication is there and feelings are expressed freely.

Weddings can be stressful but again, this is one of the greatest days of anyone’s life. This is the day you are finally saying yes to a lifetime together, through thick and thin, through sadness and happiness, Till death do you part. The preparations will be done, the guests will all go home. At the end of the day, it's you and your spouse who will make a life together. Don’t let the stress of the wedding preparations take the best of you. Remember, this is the start of your happy ever after.