9 Tik Tok Challenges for you and your Bride Tribe to do at your Hen's Party

Who rules the world? You and your Bride Tribe, of course! As the distant sound of wedding bells draws nearer and nearer, it’s time to get that party spirit flowing among your special people. TikTok challenges - where its hard to resist the urge to get cute or creative as a team and share all of your fun with the world. A great icebreaker to bring together members of your Bride Tribe who may not know each other well, and it’s sure to get the hen’s night party vibing. Most of the truly fun challenges revolve around trending music, new moves, the latest sayings, or activities, so prepare for giggles, some goosing around and plenty of laughter.

Here’s our favourite TikTok challenges to do with your bridal party on your hen’s night, in no particular order- which will you try first?

1. Von Uh Uh Uh

We all love a good rap, right? Pair it up with this fun challenge for your hen party! Von don’t wanna hear none, hun- and it’s time to get creative. Riffing on the idea of being too deep into your vibe to listen to your BFF’s warning, it’s time to get totally creative and tell a story that will have TikTok howling with laughter!



Uh oh we’re in trouble #fyp #naptime #parents #funny

♬ I Warned You - Nolimitprince


2. That girl is so dangerous

Which of your girls is the most dangerous of all? Throw it all back to the heady days of 2008, and bring your best karaoke face for this song-inspired challenge that your Bride Tribe is sure to nail. Bust out your best dance moves, get creative with video edits, or belt out the most impassioned version of the song you can think of. Do what feels right, and let the whole world know you rock!


In ritardo con questo trend come nella vita, ho fatto la mia versione! E si, adoro il SGIALO 💛😂 #dangerous #thatgirlissodangerous #tiktokitalia

♬ presleywalker - PresleyWalker


3. It’s Just Water (or is it one tequila)?

What’s better than one TikTok challenge for your Bride Tribe? Why not make it two! The ‘It’s Just Water’ dance challenge throws down a gauntlet and demands your team busts out their best moves. You’re going to want to plan this one early enough that everyone’s still able to keep their coordination going, guys. Follow along to the rolling, popping moves, and see who’s got the best diva energy in your tribe. If someone starts rolling in the Beyonce fan, you know you’ve gone too far, but otherwise, the sky is the limit! This is a great one for long-distance bonding, too, if you want to use it as an ‘entry ticket’ to the hen’s party.

If you’re looking for a fun way to combine TikTok and alcohol, why not try this fun drinking challenge, too? If you wanted to pack Russian Roulette with booze, giggles, and fun memories, one is tequila will keep your girls guessing and the party vibes flowing.



@sunjaiw Lol messed up couldn’t stop laughing 😍 #ItsJustWater #MotherAndDaughter #DanceChallenge #Sunjai #Selena #DanceMom

♬ Just Water - Bryansanon

4. Before and After

This one isn’t just an adorable viral challenge, it’s one you’ll want to keep as a memento of your hen’s party forever. It couldn’t be easier, either. All you need is some cute footage as you come- and the harsh truth at the end of the evening! Give this one forever moment vibes with a cute sign, and get everyone to bring their best- at least until the after party, that is.



5. Drunk Bears

This next fun hen’s night activity is less of a challenge in itself, than the perfect way to make the previous one even better! Vodka Gummy Bears- what’s not to like about that sentence? This easy to make but oh-so-tasty treat is sure to be a show stopper at your hen’s night, and it can be as simple or as staged as you choose. Make sure you’ve got this one on your list of things to do with your bridesmaids!


Vodka gummy bears 😍 #fy #fyp #foryoupage #foryou #vodka #vodkagummies #hensparty #vodkagummybears

♬ original sound - Shannon Baillie

6. Up, Up, Up….

It’s time for another dance challenge, y’all! Get ready to bust out the moves and impress. Unlike “It’s Just Water”, this one is just begging for a full choreographic moment from you all! Don’t be shy- take a leaf from our bold and brave bride in the link, and make something super special out of this unique dance challenge. By the time you've sweated through it, you’ll feel closer than ever before. 


UP UP UP 🤘🏼🖤 #fyp #bridalparty #bridesmaids #lovethem #plussizeedition #plussizebride

♬ Up - Cardi B

7. Entry Shots

This one pairs up beautifully with “Before and After”, and is another one that might be worth some photos for Instagram, too! Pick yourself a ‘shot of the day’ and let your Bride Tribe take a shot at the door...but shhhh...don’t let them know or you’ll spoil the surprise! It’s a fantastic icebreaker, and the perfect way to get some fun candid shots you’ll be giggling about for years.


Entry shot✨ Bachelorette style💍🥂🤍 #entryshot #bachlorette #girlsnight

♬ original sound - oscarwylde

8. The Ultimate Hen’s Day Compilation

Talking about memories that will last for years, it’s time to embrace the power of social media and live your very own movie montage. Cameras are sure to be rolling all night long, so don’t forget to capture all those special moments- including our TikTok challenges for your Hen party- and let your inner creative loose. Not only can you celebrate the fun now, and share it with the world, but it will make a great keepsake to share with your Bride Tribe and keep for yourself, too.


MY HENS DAY 1 💕 #bacheloretteparty #hensday #wedding #myjourney @reneelebreton @oliviakillian5 you’re the best!

♬ Pursuit Of Happiness - Extended Steve Aoki Remix - Kid Cudi

9. Jenga (with a girls' night twist)

What’s better than a game of Jenga to challenge your skills and get everyone laughing? One with a fantastic Bride Tribe theme, of course! All you need is a basic Jenga set, some funky paint, and your imagination. Get your creative juices flowing (or designate this challenge to your friend who can always bring the fun no matter what). Assemble some juicy challenges- everything from taking a shot to spilling the beans on a secret or too. Now paint it up all pretty for the evening. Scribble a challenge onto each block, and build your tower, girls! As the evening goes on, let them grab a block here and there and see how high you can go together. Don’t forget to check your challenge, too! It’s a great way to throw in some fun and spontaneity as well as get to know each other better.



Jenga meets girls night 🥂 ##girlsnight ##partygame ##gamenight ##bachelorette ##bacheloretteparty ##drinkinggame

♬ Level Up - Ciara

With these 9 great TikTok challenges for your Hen party under your belt, fun is guaranteed. All you need to add is yourself and your favourite Bride Tribe and make sure you tag us @bride_tribe in your posts so we can be part of the fun!