6 Fun TikTok Challenges to get the party started on your Wedding Day

Are you looking for something cute, creative and totally out there to spice up your wedding morning prep and even your wedding reception? These fun Tik Tok Challenges are the perfect way to break the ice with your bride tribe on the morning of the wedding, lighten the mood after a serious ceremony, bring the two families together, or just crank up the fun factor and get the party started on your special day. After all, you have been waiting a long time for the day to finally come. You want to make sure everyone has the time of their life!


1. Buss It!

It’s rags to riches. It's the feeling of the bass. And it’s dropping it like it’s hot. All you need for this one is the iconic song and your good self. Starting off with a candid mugshot- yup, no glitz, no glamour, no makeup (well, maybe just a little), you're going to dance it out with a cute little number. No worries- it’s very easy! When the beat drops, however, so will you- and you’ll come up looking your very best. Why not give it a go in your own full glowing bride wedding day glam? It's also great as a hen's party ice breaker. But what could be better than on the morning of the Big Day, get your whole bride tribe in on the fun to showcase everyone's transformations of before and after in your wedding day robes, pyjamas or cami sets. Whatever you do, you're guaranteed some cheeky fun all the way.

@nicolescherzinger Never too late #bussitchallenge ♬ Buss It - Erica Banks


2. It’s Tricky (this or that)

It’s time for your bridesmaids (or groomsmen) to get to know each other! Or is it time for some tricky confessions? Either way, it’s great fun, and many laughs lie ahead. This reinvention of the ‘this or that’ confession game is a great way to get people giggling together as well as strutting their stuff. Take it to the next level, and make up the questions yourself. It’s a fun and easily accessible Tik Tok Challenge, so if you have older folks celebrating with you, it’s a great way to bring them in on the fun too! Why not set it as a challenge for the bride and groom’s parents during the reception?


@juclaire33 Bridesmaids edition this or that #thisorthat #bridesmaids #chessonwedding #texaswedding ♬ It's Tricky - RUN DMC


3. Grab the Photographer too! 

I want stuffy, awkward wedding photos. Said.No.Bride.Ever! You want treasured photographs that document the best memories of your special day. If you’re struggling to get people to relax and feel comfortable, this challenge could be a fantastic icebreaker to crack out the giggles and get the atmosphere buzzing. After the smiles and fun begin, people will feel relaxed and real, and your photos will shine with genuine delight.

@jojohnsonoverby Would you TikTok with your wedding photographer?? 🥰 #weddingday #weddingdaytiktok #bridesmaids #Summer2020 #weddingphotog #waitforit ♬ ROCKSTAR DABABY FT RODDY RICH - Cale saurage


4. Prank the friend who’s always late

You love her (or him) to pieces, but man this girl can’t get anywhere on time. Even her parents claims she was late to her own birth. It’s time to get your prank on and give her a gentle shock before the actual day. Who knows - maybe she’ll manage to be on time for your actual wedding day scared out of her mind from knowing what that scare feels like. It’s a bit of harmless fun and she’s sure to enjoy it too, once you let her off the hook and in on the secret.


@amyboiss For the friend that is always late😱#loveisintheair #buthaveyouseen #wedding #bride #bridesmaids #prank #viral #comedy #late #foryou #funny ♬ Wedding March - Wedding March

5. Get the Father of the Bride

Who doesn’t love a little Spice Girls? Even for forever-funky Gen Z who are laughing at the Millenial’s skinny jeans, 90s pop culture has a cheesy, fun, vibe that’s infectious. Wannabe has it all- catchy lyrics, simple beats, and enough kitschy fun to get a whole party started. This cute take on a wedding TikTok finally gives the Father of the Bride a spotlight, too, letting him have some fun with the girls and make wedding moments you’ll cherish forever.

@theweddingswap Father of the bride makes an appearance! #fatherofthebride #fob #bridesmaids #fyp #wedding #weddingtiktok #weddingday #weddingdresses #foryou #trendin ♬ Wannabe - Spice Girls

6. Baby give me something … a fun wedding day

Some are scared, some are shy… you’re all super nervous. The wedding bells will be ringing soon, but right now you’re still hanging with the girls getting the finishing touches on your hair and makeup. Why not take a moment to capture the special vibe and buzz of the bridal party prep. This is a super-easy, super-fun wedding day TikTok everyone can enjoy stress-free, and a great way to amp everyone up and get the party started.

@taylorrandrew PART 1. Wedding Day Tik Toks. #fyp #foryoupage #foryou #wedding #bridesmaids ♬ Something New (feat. Ty Dolla $ign) - Wiz Khalifa

There you have it! These 6 simple, fun, and infectious Wedding Day TikToks are perfect to set the tone for fun and romance all day long. Which are you going to try first?