2023 Wedding Trends Every Bride Needs on their Radar

Another year, another set of trends to chase - or not to chase? That is the question, depending on your wedding vision. Even if you like to stay far from the crowd, it’s always good to know what’s hot and what’s not in the world or weddings. Today we’ve rounded up some of the hottest bridal trends for 2023 to help guide you through your exciting journey down the altar. So let’s get going!

A general heads-up: we’re finally making our way out of the worst of the pandemic years, so a spate of new hopeful engagements and delayed weddings are now rolling ahead full steam. If you’ve got your eye on a specific venue or vendor, it’s a great idea not to delay. This is the very first thing you need to be able to proceed with all of your other plans so get that aspect locked down for your date today, or you may just have to miss out and make compromises on your chosen wedding date.

1. Bigger Bling

An interesting reinvention of the engagement solitaire has hit the scene, and it’s hotter than ever. Two focal stones have got to be better than one, right? Often sold under the French name Toi et Moi, these double-focus engagement rings are a beautiful nod to the idea of two-becoming-one, and an interestingly asymmetrical piece to own, too. So add this to your wish list if you’re still shopping! 

Of course, two isn’t the only way to go- we’re seeing many beautiful takes on multi-stone rings, so there’s plenty to love. Especially if you like to be a little unique or off-beat. And even if the classic solitaire has stolen your heart along with your sweetie, ‘fancy cut’ (i.e not round) diamonds and alternate coloured stones are hotter than ever. 

2. Love in the Sun

The evening wedding will remain an elegant choice no matter what. But whether you blame the pandemic or simply want to dance under the sun and not the stars, sunset and even sunrise morning ceremonies are having a spotlight moment. Just remember to consider your guestlist before you choose this one- you don’t want all your high work ethic buddies to have to skip the big day if they can't miss a day of work! You can even ditch tradition and have a sunrise ceremony with a brunch-time reception to celebrate. 

It’s worth adding that intimate ceremonies and more extravagant receptions are an increasingly popular option for many brides. Bringing the best of both worlds, you can create a tiny ceremony that focuses just on your two, and still have a big party moment to celebrate with family and friends. It’s also a great alternative for people who want an intimate destination wedding, but plan to party all night long with friends back home.

3. Vintage Revisited

As those in the fashion industry like to point out, trends are less linear and more cyclical. We’re now seeing some heavy nods to the 80s make a come back- but don’t worry, that doesn’t mean armoured shoulder pads are going to show up! Think ‘hint’, not ‘heavy hit’. If you’ve ever wanted to get hitched in delightfully puffy sleeves, midi- or mini-dress length, or big bows, this is the year. And you can add a subtler nod to this trend with a short veil or the most popular part of this trend- some stunning evening gloves.

4. OTT, Wherever You Want It

Want a dramatic, dynamic ceiling packed with decor? Fancy a thoroughly over-the-top cake or cake topper? Would you rather take a meandering journey down a statement aisle than walk straight to the altar? This may be the year to go for it. Focal wedding cakes are back on the scene, and they’ve brought some decor friends along for the ride. It’s better to choose one or two areas to go big with (you don’t want to end up overdoing it), but if you’d like a statement…well, whatever… as part of your decor, don’t hold back. It’s on-trend to dream a little big.

5. Colour, Colour Everywhere

Is it a trend, or is this just the natural result of too many years of social distancing and avoiding socialising? It doesn’t matter, really. Neutral wedding palettes have timeless glamour, but if you’ve ever wanted to add a pop of colour to elevate them - or go all-out with as many bright colours as your inner child wants - then now is definitely the time. Expect to see some bold, bright weddings in 2023. Pink and blue are leading the charge (as they always do), but the colour wheel is your oyster - and you can ditch the traditional white dress for something bold if you wish. Why not have fun and show your personality!

If you’re looking for colour inspiration, Pantone’s colour of the year for 2023 is a vibrant magenta. Surprisingly, deep orange and copper tones are having a wedding reinvention too. White with sage remains an elegant and soft alternative.

6. Destination: Club Wed

Destination weddings are as popular as ever, and a gorgeous way to celebrate your love. But they do give you the conundrum of what to do with your guests when they arrive the day before the Big Day. Wedding welcome parties to break the ice and kick-start the wedding festivities are becoming more and more popular, so let your destination inspire you and add in an extra party- why not?

7. The Death Of Matchy-Matchy Bridesmaids Dresses

Your wedding inspo board may be packed with perfectly curated bridesmaids who look like clones, but it might be time to rethink that tried and tested look. This year more than ever we’re seeing brides open up their bridesmaids’ options to better accommodate their own style and personality. Typically anchored by a colour palette (though some are selected by designer or brand), it’s becoming more and more on trend to allow the bridesmaids to pick a dress they love and can reuse. This option builds an eclectic wedding party whose comfort and happiness shine through on the day. Not to be confused with Matching bridesmaids robes and bridesmaid pyjamas which will never go out of style! 

8. Bridal Boxes

We’ve been a little ahead of the trend here, it seems. Because this year the ‘Bridesmaid Box’ is set to be big. Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes are a cute way to ask your girls to stand by your side on your big day. Will you be my Bridesmaid Boxes, Will you be my Maid of Honour Boxes. Filled Bridesmaid Boxes with Robes and Empty Personalised Bridesmaid Boxes. Mark our words, they’re one of the hottest ways to lead-in to the Big Day.

9. Dining Differently

If you’ve never been one for the traditional alternate meal ‘chicken or fish’ wedding dining experience, this may spike your attention. More and more we’re seeing ‘immersive dining experiences’ instead of set menus. This could be anything from at-table preparation to customised charcuterie boards and  ice cream bars or even some on-trend fast food trucks at the end of the night to perk up your party-goers. This is a trend that’s open to experimentation- as long as it’s not limited to the three-course menus everyone knows, it’s in- so could be a fabulous option if you have a fussy family or just want to have some fun with food. 

Take that party vibe to the next level with some specialty entertainment vendors, too. Whether you want a live wedding painter to capture that "first-kiss" in the ceremony or a host of Island warriors to wow the crown with the native "Haka" to open the dance floor, new and inspirational ways to entertain guests are becoming a big thing in weddings. 

And there you have it! These hot wedding trends for 2023 may be just the inspiration you were looking for, so don’t be afraid to get inspired- and insert some of these memorable ideas into your wedding day.