20 Breathtaking Bridesmaid Hairstyles for Long Hair

27 Dec , 2019

Looking for a perfect bridesmaid hairstyle to wear for a big day? There are countless great looking hairstyles to wear your hair, and if you have long hair, you are in luck!

If you are a bride to be, you need not only to style yourself but also your bridesmaid. Bridesmaid hair should also be styled properly, as they play an important role in a wedding. And believe me, every bride wants nothing but the best wedding memories ever. So pay attention to their look!

Bridesmaid Hairstyles for Long Hair

With so many chic and trendy options for bridesmaid hair ideas, choosing the perfect hairstyle for long hair seems to be impossible. So sit tight and relax, we’ve got your back! From updos to down hairdos to everything in between, we’ve rounded up the most breathtaking bridesmaid hairstyles for long hair.

1. Chignon bridesmaid hairstyles

hairstyles for weddings bridesmaid low chignon

image via :wedding forward

A quite elegant and unique hairstyle, chignon bridesmaid hairstyle is a very popular hairstyle not only to red carpets but also on weddings. The chignon hairstyle is a little bit of a balance between hairs up and down, perfect for any weddings. You can wear it with any hair accessories or embellishments into the hair right above the chignon to add some personality.

2. Crown hairstyles for bridesmaid

bridesmaids with flower crown hairstyles

image via: itgirlwedding

Simple and yet effective, you can never go wrong with this boho look, of loose waves and a flower crown for your bridesmaid

3. High Ponytail hairstyles

high ponytail hairstyle for bridesmaids

image via: luxehair

There are tons of options to go for this bridesmaid hairstyle, a great option if you have long hair. From a chic braided ponytail on an ombre hair for a gorgeous effortlessly chic look to a messy voluminous ponytail with a bump and some locks to frame the face you will get a picture-perfect look for a wedding, and of course, don’t forget to mix and match it with your dress.

4. Fishtail Braids

bridesmaid fishtail braid

image via :fashionemag

The addition of trendy fishtail braids on weddings as we go through our bridesmaid hairstyles is undoubtedly noticeable, because of its vibrant style. A large and loose fishtail braid swept to the side gives off an unexpected romantic vibe.

5. Retro Bridesmaid Hairstyles Down

classic curls for bridesmaids

image via: hairstylist.ideas

Retro hairstyle never gets old and so if you’re on the hunt for a vintage-themed wedding hairstyle that says a “Vintage Vixen” then opt for this hairstyle. Use a large curling wand to curl each section in the same direction to achieve the soft vintage waves.

6. Bridesmaid Hairstyles Updo

bridesmaid updo's

image via: fashionplace.info

Updos will always be among the most popular and loved bridesmaid hairstyles of all. This hairstyle implies elegance of curls and so if your dress has an open back, opt for this hairstyle.

7. Vintage Updos

vintage bridesmaid hair

image via: southernliving.com

Another timeless bridesmaid hairstyle is this vintage updo, and it’s adorable! It’s feminine, beautiful, and provides sophistication to your attire. Inspired by retro fashion, it is defined by soft curls styled in a very elegant way and decorated with a beautiful rhinestone accessory to add drama. This radiant hairstyle can be sported by bridesmaids and brides alike.

8. Half up half down hairstyles for Bridesmaid

half up half down bridesmaid hair

image via: wednova

For something casual but still pretty, half-up bridesmaid hairstyles are a popular pick for bridesmaids.

9. Side-Braided Buns Hairstyles

bridesmaid side braid

image via : newtrends.com

Braids and buns go together gorgeously, so why not make the most of both worlds by combining the two styling techniques into one of the prettiest bridesmaid hairstyles around. Start by sweeping your hair in a large bun, and continue by wrapping two braids around it and keep it on the sides for a breathtaking look.

10. French Twists

french twist bridesmaids

image via :emmalovesawedding

Understated yet refined, the French twist is the go-to classic hairstyle for any formal event. Secure the hair in place with bobby pins and choose hair pieces or a flower in the same color for your bridesmaids to give an elegant look.

11. Messy Low Buns

messy low bun  for bridesmaids

image via: wednova

Sleek and classic chignons will never go out of style, especially for low buns that is styled messily. Messy bridesmaid hairstyles and updos are a great option to get an effortlessly stylish look. It works well for any hair type and face shape. Wear them with a hair flower or any hair accessories for a more casual look.

12. Boho Hairstyles

boho bridesmaid hair

image via: mumu.com

Boho hairstyle is one of the cutest bridesmaid hairstyles that look touchable and trendy at the same time. If you’re planning to attend an outdoor wedding with a bohemian theme, this is the hairstyle for you. Keep your hair down and shop for a boho hair piece to complete the Boho hairstyle look.

13. Half Braided Hairstyles

bridesmaid side braid

image via: blackhair.top

Want to stand out from the crowd? This half braided bridesmaid hairstyle is perfect when you want to sport a chic but edgy look. You can unravel your braid halfway down, sweeping it all to the side.

14. Bun Hairstyles

bridesmaid bun hairstyle

image via: itakeyou.co

“It’s an easy updo that is the epitome of sophistication.” Bun hairstyles are the most popular wedding hairdos. Wear it with beautiful rhinestone or any hair accessories to help you create a tender and romantic look.

15. Side-Clipped Hairstyles

bridesmaid hair with clips

image via: bridesmaiddress.net

Chic, classy and don’t have a lot of fuss around the hair, a simple lockdown with a twist on the side to keep the strands out of bridesmaids’ faces. This clipped-back style works great for longer bangs.

16. Long Curly Hairstyles for Bridesmaids

bridesmaid hair down

image via: thetrendspotter.com

Hairdos with loose curls are the biggest trend for wedding hairstyles recently. Loose curls and wavy hairstyles are one of our favorite bridesmaid hairstyles because of its fairytale appearance.

17. Bridesmaids Side Ponytail Hairstyles

bridesmaid side hair styles

image via: gveeny.com

The most flattering bridesmaid hairstyles you can try out. With lots of movement and wavy texture, this hairstyle is a great way to get a semi-formal look while keeping it contemporary. If you have ombre hair, the side braid will help accentuate the two distinct colors in your hair perfect for understated elegance.

18. Bridesmaid Plait Hairstyles

bridesmaid plaited hair

image via: bestlonghair.com


This style works particularly well for a group with highlighted hair. It accentuates the many colors of tresses with the texturized style of braiding, making it more memorable.

19. Bridesmaid Hairstyles with Fringe

bridesmaid hair with fringe

image via: bridalhotlist.com

If you do wedding-day fringe, make your hairdo stand out through impeccable volume, achieved by teasing with hairspray and the proper updo styling. And if you want to have a smart, crisp line that beautifully frames the face and accentuates the eyes and cheekbones; don’t forget to have them freshly cut the day before the wedding.

20. Flower Updos

bridesmaid hair with flowers

image via: todayshairstyle

Going for a spring or summertime wedding? This hairstyle is the perfect opportunity for a colorful updo. Pick flowers within your color scheme, or choose blooms that complement your wedding bouquet.

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