11 Hilarious Hen's Party Games Guaranteed to Break the Ice and Get the Party Pumping!

The hen's party! It’s one of your last milestones before you walk down the aisle in style, and you want it to be a night to remember. The girls have the date saved, you’ve organised food and drinks on tap to make it a great one, and you’ve locked in a venue where it's all going down. While socialising, sharing a few cheeky "last fling before the ring" moments, and, of course, having tons of fun is a given, how can you break the ice and keep the party rolling smoothly? Especially if you have a lot of different friends who will only meet each other face-to-face for the first time that night? Here’s some fantastic icebreakers that will help make it a night to remember and help everyone get to know each other leading into the wedding.

1. Pin the Pants (or Something Else) on the Partner

Let’s reinvent a childhood classic for the big night. Grab a poster-sized print of someone - anyone from the bride’s partner to their favourite celeb - blindfold the girls, and let’s get this poor man some pants pinned on. Of course, this game can get a whole lot naughtier, depending on the crowd, so feel free to pin whatever you like on the poor soul!

2. About the Bride

This is a perfect pick for a party where you have folks who may not know each other well, and even full-familial gatherings where some invitees may not know the bride well either. It’s fun and interesting, puts the bride in the spotlight, and is very gentle if you have mixed ages, too.

Simply get each hen to write anonymously on a piece of paper a favourite or fun memory of the bride, or their first impressions of her. Have her read each out and guess who it came from.

3. True or False

Another classic party game that can’t go wrong! Compile a list of true and false statements about the bride- and don’t forget the humour. Read them out, and guess which belongs to which category. You could make people who get it wrong grab a shot, or reward the person who gets the most right with a small gift. It’s always fun to see what people will buy about the bride- even better if you get her involved in making the list, too!

4. Find the Fiancé or Fiancée

Are you taking your hens’ night out on the town? There’s still some scope for fun games! As you enjoy the evening, challenge everyone to find a great doppelganger for the bride’s special someone to take a selfie with- and be sure to upload it to Instagram for the giggles!

5. Mr & Mrs Quiz

Looking for a fun game with great potential for social sharing and a good few giggles built in? Then look no further! Get all the attendees involved in creating a list of questions about their spouse-to-be, snag the answers from the Special Someone, and the bride will have to test her knowledge of her other half against your wiley ingenuity. If she gets it wrong, she must pay a forfeit- you could make it anything from downing a shot to dressing up piece-by-piece in fancy dress. This one has great potential to be dressed up into a fun slideshow you can share with her later as a keepsake.

6. Prosecco Pong

Who needs beer when you can class this old college favourite up with a sparkly wine of your choice? Teetotallers, replace the prosecco with your beverage of voice. Who will be the last one standing? Want to add a naughty-but-nice touch? Skip the cups and upcycle some pretty lingerie to take shots at, instead!

7. This or That

Sometimes called, “Would you Rather?” This is a great dare game that can be as saucy or as clean as you like. So if the party is packed with younger siblings, mom-in-law-to-be, and the elder scions of the bride’s family, it’s a fun way to create havoc and fun without getting down and dirty. It’s also another fabulous party game for a special prize, be it a hen party sash or a bottle of bubbly.

8. Cocktail Competition

This one is a fun way to get everyone’s competitive spirit rolling. Gather a selection of spirits and mixers and have the hens create a special drink for the bride to judge. Winner takes home bragging rights!

9. Hens Jenga

Jenga is a fantastic enough party game at the best of times (especially if the drinks are flowing), but there’s a few fun ways to make this extra special. Load the blocks up with a fun drinking game or dares the hens who remove will have to follow. Or create a sweet and sentimental moment and add a touching memory or thought to each block for the bride to read. In fact, you can seamlessly meld this one with your ‘about the bride’ memories from the game above if you want something truly unique to power up your hen party games! Whatever approach you take, don't forget a lighthearted forfeit for whoever lets the tower come crashing down!

10. Hen's Party Scavenger Hunt

Another game that can be easily incorporated into a hen party that’s heading out on the town, simply pair everyone into teams. Give everyone a ‘scavenger hunt’ to tick off, and see who manages to win the night! You can create items like getting the business card of someone with the name of the bride or groom, taking selfies with hen part attendees, snapping a pic of the ‘wrong’ bathroom at the club, or anything else you fancy! Photo scavenger hunts work fantastically, too, and can be used to create a lovely memory book for the bride too. 

11. Guess the Contents

Unless the attendees are all fantastically well behaved, this one is likely to end up a little naughty, so choose your audience carefully! Get each attendee to contribute something ‘for the wedding night’ to the guessing bag- from sexy toys to lingerie and anything else you can imagine. Blindfold the bride, and have her go in for the kill. She has to guess each item, and hilarity is guaranteed to follow!

From downright saucy to simple clean fun, having a few games to break the ice and get the party mood flowing at your hens’ party couldn’t be simpler with these games in your bag of tricks! And for all the Hen's Party accessories to make the night complete head to the Hen's Party Shop HERE.