11 Bridesmaid Gifts Your Bride Tribe Will Love

Your bride tribe will be over the moon to receive gifts that they actually want! From gorgeous personalised bridal robes, satin pyjamas and travel jewellery boxes to the sweetest cookies and thoughtful gift cards, we rounded up 11 ideas that will delight every bridesmaid, matron of honour and flower girl all without blowing out your wedding budget.

Your wedding party deserves thoughtful proposal, thank-you and wedding day gifts but finding one that fits all can be quite a challenge. You can’t go wrong if you buy something that will work as a photo prop, a personalised keepsake as a memento of your special day or something they can use every day. This in mind, we hand-picked 11 gorgeous bridesmaid gifts that your entire bride tribe will adore. Take a quick scroll through the list.


1. Bridesmaid Robe

Nothing will add glamour to your pre-wedding photos quite like matching robes! Yes, the bridesmaid robe has become a staple fashion accessory for getting ready together on the morning of the wedding. A personalised satin robe that says “bridesmaid” on the back is not only a cool bridesmaid gift but also an almost essential photo prop.

2. Bridesmaid Pyjamas

If you need more inspiration for bridesmaid gifts, think of everyday items they will love to wear not only on wedding day but probably every day thereafter. Are the girls staying with you at a hotel? Why not give them personalised bridesmaid pyjamas and do a selfie session while sipping on your morning mimosas!

3. Travel Jewellery Box

Or be practical and order a useful bridesmaid gift online. Are your bridesmaids living out of town? Are you hosting a destination wedding? All of them will need neat jewellery boxes to store their earrings, bracelets or rings they will be wearing on your wedding day. You can surprise them with travel jewellery boxes personalised with names or initials to keep their treasured possessions safe.


4. Set of 4 Pearl Barrette Hair Clips

Nobody wants to have a bad hair day at a wedding, so prevent this from happening with this season’s top-trending hair accessory pearl barrette clips. It is one of the best bridesmaid gift ideas for destination weddings because these sets can be packed easily. Coming in sets of 4, these elegant clips can quickly fix and hair mishap on the day!


5. Tie the Knot Bracelet  

Packaged in beautiful white jewellery gift boxes, these tie knot bracelets are amazing gifts for this sentimental occasion. This bridesmaid gift is more than a gesture of kindness because it shows how much you value your friendship. Best of all, these bracelets come in three colours: silver, rose gold and yellow, and they are easily adjustable.


6. Candle

A scented candle is always a good idea. It is a simple but thoughtful gift, especially when it comes with a cool printed label that delivers a personal message. If you are looking for a unique way to pop the question to your bridesmaids and maid of honour, a “will you be my bridesmaid” or “will you be my maid of honour” illustration candle is beautiful gift. You can also use candles to thank your sassy bridesmaids af with a quirky slogan such as “thanks for being my bitch” or “thanks for putting up with all that wedding bullshit”


7. Personalised Champagne Glass

And because weddings are all about toasting and celebrating, personalised champagne glasses for the bridal party are a common thread to any pre-wedding celebration. Elegant flutes with names printed with gold foil make lovely keepsakes as bridesmaid gifts.


8. Foldable Ballet Flats

When the time comes to get back on the dance floor, the feet will get one helluva work-out so having a paid of comfy back-up shoes that match their elegant gowns is just what the foot doctor ordered.  Foldable ballet flats (that are easy to pack and carry around) is the kindest gift of all. Trust us, nothing is classier or more appreciated at the end of a long day, than a pair of satin ballet flats!

9. Pesonalised Denim Jacket

If it is going to be a little chilly for a winter wedding or cooler in the evening at other times of the year, then we know just the right bridesmaid gift! A personalised denim jacket with your girls’ names printed on them are going to win their hearts and warm their bodies. They go well with boho wedding themes, rustic wedding styles and alternate weddings, but the best part is that your girls can wear them for any occasion leading up to and after the wedding.


10. Bridesmaid Proposal Cookies

Is there a better way to thank your bridesmaids than with a cookie? We think not! Heart-shaped thank you cookies make adorable bridesmaid gifts and thoughtful additions to a bigger bridesmaid box for something very special. You can also purchase these wonderful individually sealed bridesmaid proposal cookies if you haven’t popped the question yet.


11. Wedding Party Gift Card 

If you are not sure what your bridesmaids will love, then purchase a bridesmaid card! You can use these with any other bridesmaids gift idea that you may have. But as times are tough due to Covid, a beautiful card is the perfect option to express your love and gratitude for their contribution to your special day. A heart-felt, hand-written message thanking your wedding party will go a long way in these times.