Why every bride (and bridesmaid) needs a wedding day emergency kit

Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Calling all brides and bridesmaids- do you have your wedding day survival kit ready to go? While that may sound slightly ominous, your wedding day emergency kit should be a vital part of the big day, whether you’re the star of the show or her vital backup crew. Today the Bride Tribe team takes a deep dive into why every wedding party member needs a wedding day survival kit, and how our pre-prepared kit might just save your big day from disaster!


What’s that old saying about the best-laid plans of mice and men? You’ve invested a ton of effort into planning the perfect big day, but as anyone who’s ever been part of bringing an event to life knows, a lot of things can go wrong despite your best attempts to keep them at bay! The key is to make sure they get managed in a moment, so they don’t detract from the overall vibe of the day. All too many brides and grooms talk of ‘not even enjoying’ their wedding and ‘all the stress’ of the ceremony and reception. Not to mention the amount of honeymoons that go off-the-rails because neither of you can keep your eyes open any longer. We don’t want that to be you!

From fixing the little things, like flyaway hair or a ripped seam, to making sure the big things don’t happen at all (like having your toughest bridesmaid and a big stick ready to fend off any potential troublemakers who like the drama to centre on them, not you). When the wedding bells start ringing, it’s time to make sure you move from planning the perfect event to being the Zen Master of stress management. 

After all, it’s a day that’s supposed to be about you, your groom, and your love. Not whether every single centrepiece has the exact same flowers. All the same, you don’t want to know you said your vows with your hair falling down or a big lipstick smudge in a terrible place. And that’s why you need your wedding day emergency kit on hand.


Part of making sure that one misbehaving curl or the sudden arrival of Aunt Flo on the scene doesn’t turn you into a blubbering mess two minutes before you're supposed to say, “I Do” is knowing that you can get the problem fixed in a flash. While there’s always a bit of stress in the bridal party through the build-up to the Big Moment, knowing the problem is managed even before it happens can do a lot to keep tempers on the straight-and-narrow and everyone’s eyes on the prize. Our nifty bridal survival kit is packed with tips and tricks to keep you serene no matter what happens. That’s why it makes a great gift for the brides and bridesmaids in your life, too!

Here’s what you can expect from your bridal to-go bag:

      • Nail file and clippers: Nails may be small, but they can start cascades of stress. Whether it’s ruining your careful manicure or snagging on your bridesmaid’s dress, get that hangnail under control and the day back on track.
      • Tweezers: From placing the perfect false eyelashes to zipping the splinter out of the flower girl’s finger, these may be tiny but they’re super important
      • Scissors: Another tiny trick that can save the day, scissors are endlessly useful, but often don’t get packed. Not so with this wedding survival kit!
      • A single tampon and pad: Aunt Flo isn’t invited. Period
      • Hair ties and bobby pins to match every hair colour: Last-minute frizzies? Get your hair caught on a branch? Veil sliding despite the rehearsal? Tuck it away and carry on.
      • Oil blotting face paper: Even the best makeup in the world can get a little shiny under the hot Aussie sun, but you have everything in charge. Pro tip: Oil blotting paper also works on oil stains on dresses!
      • Needle and thread in various colours: If a seam pops, don’t let your temper go with it!
      • Buttons: From groomsmens’ shirts to your own undies, you never know when a button could be useful.
      • Safety pins: We’re sure you don’t need to be told why these can come in useful! Easier to answer what they can’t solve!
      • Hem tape: No time to break out the needle and thread? Tablecloth coming undone? Need an emergency lint roller? No stress here.
      • Dental floss: Spinach in the teeth will ruin precisely 0 photos today.
      • Cotton swab tips: Cotton swabs are endlessly useful, from blotting stains to buffing makeup. 
      • Bandaids: You might not stop the ouchie, but it won’t bleed on your dress, at least!
      • Fresh breath mints: A last-minute blast of confidence.
      • Transparent heel protectors: Don’t let a sudden shower or change in the venue throw you off your a-game. 
      • Nipple covers: If the girls feel like popping unexpectedly into the party, we have your back.
      • Fly away hair tamer stick: Even the most unruly curls will comply.
      • Paper straw: Your makeup artist will love you! Keep your lipstick intact and the day on track. Or prop up that one centrepiece flower that won’t behave. We don’t judge here. 
      • Anti-static spray: In a hot and dry climate, static can be your worst enemy. But not with this trick up your sleeve.

NB: Please provide your own bridesmaid and big stick!

Seriously, though. Think of a wedding day emergency kit as your go-bag of little tricks that will keep the day running smoothly from start to finish. And then forget about it, and focus on getting through the last steps before you say, “I Do!” We have the rest under control so you don’t have to. In fact, we guarantee this baby will be saving the day long past your actual wedding day, too.

Be sure to grab your special Bride Tribe wedding day emergency kit soon, as they’re going fast

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