Wedding Planning Tips and Tools to Help Guide You Through COVID-19

Whether you’ve decided to cancel, postpone or host a micro-wedding, we’ll help you go through the whole process from contacting your vendors to notifying your guests and celebrating in style no matter what!

We know that composing all those emails to venues, vendors and guests can be exhausting! That’s why we have put together two email templates that may come in handy for you. And we have included another little bonus which you will find as you read on.


The first stop? Call your planner (if you have one) and contact your venue to try to reschedule the event. If your wedding can be postponed, we suggest you should do that instead of cancelling it altogether. By doing this, you are supporting the wedding industry that is struggling at the moment with numerous cancellations. You should also contact all of your vendors and try to rebook them for another date. If some of them are located out of area and can’t commit to any arrangements during the COVID-19 crisis, try to find local vendors who can step in.
We know that composing all those emails to venues and vendors can be exhausting! So we have put together this template that may come in handy for you in days and weeks to come.

Email Template - Venue / Vendors


We hope this email finds you well, and that you and your loved ones are keeping safe during this challenging period. We know that due to the current situation with the coronavirus, everyone in the wedding industry has been hit hard, and we wanted to let you know that our thoughts are with you as we know how hard this time must be for you, both personally and professionally at this time.

Due to the current restrictions regarding public gatherings, we wanted to check with you what the options are regarding rescheduling our wedding.

(OPTION 1 – if you need time to decide on another date)
Is it possible to choose another date once we’ve had the chance to get in touch with some of our guests and other vendors?

(OPTION 2 – if you want to suggest a date)
We’d very much appreciate if you could please let us know if your venue/service is available for month/date _______ 2020/2021.
Looking forward to hearing from you,

Kind regards



Changing your dates is a challenging task. At the moment, it is possible that the situation will change in favour of the wedding season that starts in September. However, nobody can be confident when the ban for public events will be lifted and will large gatherings be possible before 2021. If you still want to keep your wedding date despite the uncertainty, you should prepare the plan B, which involves a very small gathering of up to 5 people. And if you want to reschedule your event for 2021, it could be challenging to find a new date that is suitable for all of your vendors. It will help if you make a list of available dates that are approved by your venue and then contact other vendors to find out whether they are available too. And remember, whether you are considering postponing the wedding, changing your celebration plans or cancelling the event altogether, you need to contact your vendors and your guests as soon as possible.


Whether your event is cancelled, rescheduled or transformed into a mini, at-home celebration of two, let your guests know. The best way to alert your friends and family is to send them a note. A beautiful card saying that you had to postpone your event is a nice gesture. But add a line that addresses the current situation and tell your dearest people you care about their health and safety. If you don’t have a new wedding date set yet, you can just notify them that you had to put your plans on hold due to the coronavirus situation. And if you decided to get hitched with only two witnesses present, tell your loved ones you wanted them to be there, but you had to limit the number of attendants due to unprecedented circumstances. A digital card instead of a print one is a much better solution at the moment!

Change of Date Templates for Your Guests 

Once you decide on how to proceed with your wedding plans, it is time to notify family and friends. To save you the trouble of finding the right words and card design, we have created these downloadable designs which you can use for this purpose. DOWNLOAD HERE

Email Templates - Your Guests

To our beautiful family and friends,

We hope this email finds you well, and that you and your loved ones are keeping safe during this challenging period. Due to the current coronavirus pandemic, going ahead with our wedding and putting our loved ones at risk is out of the question, so we have made the decision to postpone our wedding.

But once this is all over and the restrictions on gatherings have been lifted, we cannot wait to party with you all with one epic celebration!

(OPTIONAL IF DON’T HAVE DATE YET:) We’re yet to reschedule our wedding date but will let you know the details as soon as we have been able to make alternative plans.

(OPTIONAL IF HAVE DATE:) We’ve rescheduled our wedding the date for XX of Month, Year. We really hope you can make this new date and we can all party the night away, safely.

We are thinking of you all at this time, sending lots of love and positive vibes your way.

With lots of love (and and-washing!),



We know it is painful to even think about cancelling or postponing your big day you’ve been dreaming about for such a long time! Let us assure you that it is ok to grieve. Just a few months ago, nobody could even imagine this scenario, but here we are. Allow yourself to be sad for a while. Let it all out! And then pick yourself up and think about things you can do to make the most of the situation you are in. There are still plenty of options available!


Perhaps the most disturbing thing of all in this situation is the uncertainty. Will things go back to normal before the end of 2020? Which dates in the future are safe? Because nobody really has the answers you are looking for at the moment, embrace the uncertainty and be flexible. Maybe you’ll have to change your date more than once. Maybe you’ll have to consider finding new vendors, changing location or limiting your guest list. It could still work out fine, but perhaps not the way you’ve initially imagined it. Just lower your standards a bit and allow yourself to be a little spontaneous until we get more certainty on how things will roll.


Don’t forget to thank your wonderful wedding A-team. Show how much you appreciate their effort to make your event happen anyway, thank them for hard work, creativity and flexibility! And if they kindly offered any discounts or freebies, be grateful for that as well. Find a way to make it up to them. You can endorse them on social media, recommend them to your friends and colleagues or write great reviews. And if you had to cancel your reception while still holding a small ceremony, show your appreciation for everything your vendors have done so far.


Whether you tied the knot at the registry office anyway or decided to wait until things change for better, there is no reason to postpone happiness. Find a way to celebrate despite the stressful situation. You can stay at home and make a party for two with a delicious dinner and a bottle of champagne. Or you can turn it into a mini online social event! Invite your nearest and dearest to join a video call using the house party app or and toast to your wedding and happier future. You have the perfect reason to pop the cork!

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