Planning a 2021 Wedding? What Considerations Should Be Made in Light of COVID-19

Since the beginning of Covid-19 we have learned to adapt to our new way of life quickly and in the process have discovered that it really is possible to plan your wedding without leaving home. With online bridal fashion shows and virtual fittings, the possibilities are endless to help you safely plan your whole wedding from your device. Here is what you need to consider in these times of uncertainty!


With more time confined to our homes, there has been more time to browse wedding inspiration online in your pjs while curled up on your lounge. Keep dreaming about your wedding, perfect your theme, build up a realistic vision board and support your local wedding vendors. The whole industry has been rocked by the COVID-19 crisis, and wedding specialists need your support. Like and comment on their photos, tag and tell your friends about them. And of course, contact them to discuss purchasing their products or booking their services online.


The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us that we should rely on local suppliers rather than vendors from overseas. It is almost unbelievable how so many borders have been closed virtually overnight while so many companies (including some high-profile fashion brands) had to cease production altogether. Nobody knows how long the crisis will last, and when will things go back to normal. It is safer to collaborate with florists, photographers, stationery specialists and other vendors that are closer to home or in the local region where your wedding is taking place.


With so many 2020 and 2021 events being cancelled or postponed, 2022 is set to be the biggest year for weddings. Once this is all over, we’ll all want to celebrate! This means you might have fewer options when choosing your date. A mid-week wedding could be a better option for you because it gives you more flexibility and you can save a lot of money. Why not?!


We all know that COVID-19 pandemic is unpredictable and that it jeopardises wedding plans regardless of where the dates fall in the calendar. It might even change the way we do social gatherings in the future. This is why you should have a plan B that would work even if the gathering restrictions stay in place beyond 2021. Your alternative solution can be a micro-celebration for a small number of guests, such as an intimate backyard get together with your nearest and dearest.


While most wedding insurances don’t protect you from pandemics, it makes sense to purchase one for your 2021/22 wedding because it will be your safeguard against other unfortunate events. Unfortunately, we can expect a ripple effect after the current crisis is over. For example, you may book venues who could go out of business by next year unable to recover from this.


Wedding venues across Australia and the rest of the world are receiving fewer inquiries even for 2021. From food and beverage issues to concerns about possible travel bans, couples have many fears that prevent them from making plans. But keep in mind that vendors are now working on their policies to comfort their clients. They are taking extra precautions regarding hygiene, cancellation options and other potential problems you may be worried about right now. Check if your chosen venues and vendors have adapted their postponement or cancellation policies in response to Coronavirus. Ask them when you can postpone or worst-case scenario cancel the event, what are the fees, and what are the options regarding food and beverage minimums?

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