How COVID-19 is affecting the wedding industry and how we feel about the crisis here at Bride Tribe

20 Mar , 2020

 –A note from Bride Tribe founder, Rhonda Macheras.

To be completely transparent, I personally feel anxious, distressed and sometimes even close to tears hearing that in our world-class country, there are families and vulnerable people within our community that aren’t able to source basic items.

No doubt there are some super anxious brides out there, wondering whether the special day that they have spent months (and sometimes even years) planning and saving for, will actually go ahead. With the announcement that indoor events of 100 people and above will now be banned for the foreseeable future, there is so much uncertainty surrounding weddings and events.

As a result, your vendors are nervous too. Behind the scenes, we have watched our sales drop significantly and fellow businesses have received massive cancellations. This affects not only our livelihood, but those of our staff.

Throughout this time of crisis and fear, I thought I would put together a little piece to hopefully ease some of your anxiety, in the event that you may need to cancel, postpone or modify your wedding. I hope this helps to instill some peace of mind at a time in which angst and worry run rife.

STEP 1: Make a list of all your vendors + contracts:

Make you way through your list and vendors and read carefully through their contracts. If you really need to cancel, closely look at the terms and conditions as some vendors will allow cancellations within a certain time frame. Others, may refund a portion of your funds. Even if your contract states no refunds at all, given the circumstances, they may have a change of heart so it doesn’t hurt to have a chat with your vendor and see if a mutual compromise can be met.




OPTION 1: Postpone,or modify your day:

If your wedding is super close, consider ways to modify your big day to keep everyone safe. Here are some ideas:

· Can you reduce your guest list?

· Request that guests who may have been exposed, overseas recently or feeling ill not to attend.

· Request that guests who are vulnerable not attend or seat them far away from the main group.

· Request that your guests maintain social distancing. During the ceremony, leave some space in between each seat. Opt for a cocktail style reception in an outdoor setting if possible.

· Create little baskets in the wash rooms filled with gorgeous toiletries, artisan soaps and a cute hand washing sign. You could even give out small bottles of home made hand sanitiser or soaps as your wedding favours. I even added a free downloadable bathroom sign below

OPTION 2: If you need to cancel can your postpone  instead:

Do you really need to cancel? Consider this: the virus will eventually run it’s course and life will return to normal. Lots of vendors would be open to a change of date and would much prefer this, over a complete cancellation. Do you have the option of postponing your wedding for 4 or 6 months time? If you can start with your officiant and venue first, move down your list of vendors from there to see if a postponement is feasible. Guests wise, you do not need to send a whole new set of invites should the postponement proceed. Instead, send an email, letter or make some phone calls to save on reprinting costs.

For now, we aren’t in lockdown but who knows what the future holds. The situation is constantly changing so let’s make the most of this time. Start preparing a list of all your DIY projects that you have been putting off, as this may be the perfect time to knock them all off the list.

Lastly, keep the lines of communication open with your vendors and guests, we are all in the same boat and want only the best for your big day.


Much Love Rhonda and B-Tribe

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Handwashing Corona Sign

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