Do I really need a Wedding Planner??

Do I really need a Wedding Planner?

Organising a wedding in your home town is stressful, trying to organise a destination wedding in Bali thousands of kilometres away can be a thousand times more stressful. This is where a wedding planner can save the day.


What your Wedding Planner can do for you?

Your wedding planner can help you narrow down locations, take care of your decorations, set up and ceremony. Help you organise a legally recognised marriage in Australia. Find your celebrant, DJ, cake, catering, hair and MUA, photographer, transport and accommodation for your guests.  Their job also takes care of event fees, Banjar fees, and liaising with local community businesses, many who they have already built a solid and trusting relationship with.

If you are visiting Bali prior to your wedding, your planner can arrange a tour of recommended vendors.

 How much should I expect to pay?

We have received quotes ranging from $900 AU - $2000 AU for the service of a Wedding Planner.  Tip – always ask for your quotes in Australian Dollars or Indonesian Rupiah.  It is quite common to receive quotes in US currency.

A Legal wedding in Bali will cost an extra $1000 (approx) in consulate fees and paperwork. You are required to visit the embassy at least 3 days prior to your ceremony.

What questions should I ask my wedding planner?

Where are you based? – Some Wedding Planners are actually based in Australia and outsource the work to local business.

Will you be present on my big day?

 One would hope so, your Wedding Planner should be your wing girl and be able to take care of everything while you prepare yourself for the biggest day of your life.

Is there anything not included in your package?

A very important question to ask your planner, to avoid surprises or extra cost at a later date.

 Do you have the right to work in Bali?

To avoid heartache, it's extremely important to make sure that your Wedding Planner has the legal right to work in Bali and that the business is legally registered. If you are working with a non-local planner, ask if they have a work permit and that it allows them to work in the region you would like to marry in.

For local Wedding Planners, ask for credentials, check the address and phone number exists.  Do a search on google and social media for reviews. If the photos on their socials look suspicious, do a google reverse image search.


Communication- Hello where are you???

Bali internet is lacking at the best of times, add to that the laid back lifestyle of the Balinese, the craziness of wedding and tourist season.  It is not uncommon to have to wait 2-5 days for a reply to emails or messages.

Hotel and Resort Planners

Most of the larger and reputable hotels and resorts offer wedding packages and in house wedding planners and assistants who can help arrange your big day.  All you need to do is send off an email requesting details of their wedding packages. Tip – check our reviews and socials. Also, ask what the package does not include.

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Ditch the planner you say!

Not something I would really recommend unless you are very familiar with Bali, the people, customs, weather, and laws.


We have chosen not to employ the services of a wedding planner for the Brides big day. This is only because –

  1. We visit Bali every 6-8 months. I will visit Bali at least twice before the big day. We are very familiar with the customs, locations, prices, and vendors and very aware of where things can go wrong. We also have local friends who can friends who recommend services or check out businesses if we need.
  2. I am familiar with the wedding industry and organising weddings.
  3. We have opted to use an in-house assistant at our chosen venue.


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