7 ways Pantone's colour of the year will make weddings shine bright in 2021

How good was it to say goodbye to 2020! Now it’s time to press the reset button and embrace the true potential of 2021. If you’re planning your special day for this year, full of hope and opportunity, it’s time to switch gears into serious planning mode.

When it comes to tips on colour theming your day, the creative folk at Pantone - known in the design world as trendsetters for all things stylish - have opted to give us not one, but TWO, sophisticated shades for this year, to celebrate the turn in everyone’s mood.

Even better?

These ultra-elegant and thoroughly on-trend tones are perfect for brides looking to embrace 2021’s colour potential through their special day.

“Ultimate Grey” brings us a sleek, soft silver-hued grey, with “Illuminating Yellow” offering a warm lemon redolent of daffodils, spring flowers and the warmth of the sun. Together they speak of hope, resilience, happiness, uplifted souls and togetherness- what could be more perfect for a 2021 wedding?

Pair them up, use them alone, let them dominate the decor or simply add a chic on-trend touch here and there- it doesn’t matter. Just make sure these spectacular shades find their perfect spot in your special day. 

Exceptional Wedding Dresses

Pantone Colour of the Year 2021 yellow very wang wedding dress

Dress: Vera Wang / Photography: Christina McNeill


Unconventional brides, now is your time to shine! Whether you’re ditching the traditional white altogether or you’re just keen to bring in a little personality to your gown, there’s no sleeker pair of shades to have on your side. Cascade into a beautiful ombre with either shade, whether corsets to hem or vice-versa. Opt for soft accents to add refined contrast to the dress or veil. Or evoke the season for Spring weddings with tiny yellow embellishments for a touch of whimsy. Honestly, there’s just no way you can’t make this pair and your dress into the prettiest couple since you and hubby-to-be.

Elegant Bridesmaid Dresses

Pantone-Colour-of-the-Year-2021 weddings

Photo: Wedding Chicks

Want to make your maids into your biggest fans forever? Woo them with these soft and graceful colours. No matter if you’re opting for a traditional bridesmaid dress or something shorter and sassier, there’s no way this one won’t turn out fantastic. Ultimate Grey, in particular, offers a versatile (and practical) shade perfect to frame your gown in photos, and with re-wear potential for maids who are buying their dresses themselves. Easy to match to any jewellery, shoe, and flower combo, they’ll share in your superstardom for the day.

Relax in Matching Robes

Classic satin bridesmaid robes in grey

Personalised Robes: www.bridetribes.com.au

With the wedding morning glam ritual now, more than ever before, a not to be missed wedding day photo shoot, you want to ensure you and your bride tribe are perfectly themed and co-ordinated even before you get dressed. Matching robes like these Classic Satin Bridesmaid Robes in grey are the ultimate fashion must-have to get your besties in the spirit of the big day. It’s time to say begone to stereotypical pink/blush colours and embrace these elegant tones for something different. You have the option for bright warmth or sleek neutral, and both are winners that will suit everyone from your gorgeous gran to the littlest flower girl. Your makeup artist will love you too- Ultimate Grey, particularly, offers a neutral tone that won’t artificially impact colour balancing on any skin tone.

Spectacular Bouquets

Pantone Colour of the Year 2021 wedding bouquet ideas

Photographer: Amanda Nippoldt


Open up your browser and type in ‘soft yellow flowers’. Be prepared to get lost down this rabbit hole, and fall in love all over again! From some of the most spectacular blush-gold rose varieties to sensational spring flowers, the powerful statement a yellow bouquet will bring to the bright start of your marriage speaks for itself. Add little touches of silver or grey for a uniquely elegant pairing.

Creative Reception Decor

Pantone Colour of the Year 2021 wedding reception ideas

Flowers: Wild Theory Floral


The possibilities for this power pair are endless. Chunky yellow pillar candles nestled in grey chiffon. Elegant grey table settings with jolly yellow napkins for a pop of colour. Bright citrus decor and swathes of cool grey linen. Whether it’s just a centrepiece or two or your entire reception theme, you honestly can’t go wrong. If you wanted to marry (pardon the pun) the current trend for artful and creative paper accents (from pinwheels and centrepieces to lanterns and beyond) to your ceremony, they’re perfect to add a luxe feel to creative decor too.

Sophisticated Wedding Invitations & Stationery

Pantone colour of the year wedding invitations

Wedding Invitations: Designed by Elli

Can you say elegant? Both these shades echo metallic gold and silver, while offering a softer complementary pairing that screams grace without losing a sense of fun.

An Elegant Wedding Ceremony

Pantone Colour of the Year 2021 wedding ceremony ideas

Ceremony Flowers: Privet Flowers


As with your reception, this colour pair is perfect for sophisticated, understated, yet fun colour accents. In particular, they’re a great way to brighten up ivory base decor, too. From the ring pillow to the flowers on the arch or chuppah, don’t be afraid to be creatively you. You can even perfectly match the wedding car to these shades!

Gorgeous Grooms

Pantone Colour of the Year 2021 groom wedding suit

Styling: Ashley Fox Designs


Men don’t often get a chance to shine in the wedding world. Ultimate Grey could change that! It’s an elegant, but daringly different, base colour for your groom and his groomsmen to enjoy. Illuminating Yellow gives you the chance to add a playful vibe to the ensemble, be it in a pocket kerchief, boutonniere, or even waistcoat/cumberbund. It will also pair fantastically with a bright-white or ivory wedding gown….just sayin’.

Zesty Wedding Cakes

Pantone Colour of the Year 2021 wedding cake ideas

Cake flowers: Mille Fleur Design


This is possibly the only area where grey isn’t an immediate hit, but we’ve seen some spectacular cake combos never-the-less. Or get playful with cupcakes, candies, or even simple cream-cake layers. Or keep the cake traditional and add some zesty flowers to give it a colour pop. Delicious!


Pantone Colour of the Year 2021 wedding photography ideas

Photo: Purple Tree Photography

Designing the perfect 2021 wedding just got a whole lot simpler with these fantastic Pantone Colours of the Year to play with. Let your creative side free and watch the seamless way these two shades pull your ceremony together, start to finish.

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